Wikipedia - Dignitas (esports)

Dignitas, formerly known as Team Dignitas, is a professional esports organization based in Newark, New Jersey, founded by Michael "ODEE" O'Dell on 9 September 2003 as a merger of two top Battlefield 1942 clans. Dignitas was acquired by the Philadelphia 76ers in September 2016. The team is best known for its League of Legends, Rocket League, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive squads.

In September 2019, Dignitas formed a new parent company, New Meta Entertainment (NME), a digital sports and entertainment company.

The organization rebranded in October 2018, dropping "Team" from its name and replacing its old "alien" logo with an owl logo. In January 2021, Dignitas once again replaced their logo, returning a modernized version of the original "alien" design and introducing it as a mascot named Digi.